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Let's think about this for a

Let's think about this for a minute. For those of you questioning if she will get a fair trial or if this will be biased because of her ties to law enforcement, WHO DO YOU THINK INVESTIGATED AND ARRESTEDED HER? The very agency that her husband works for! I feel like this is being handled properly. It is a very unfortunate event for EVERYONE involved. I know Megan and her family and I'm shocked at this but law enforcement don't just arrest without evidence. Do you really think that the Sheriff's Dept. would arrest one of their own's wife with no evidence or bases for these charges? Should the mom have acted this way on TV? I don't know what I would have do if I was her. None of us are her. The long and short of it is this: It happened, a parent told her side and charges were filed. Let's all keep an eye on this case and quit judging these folks.


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