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Pender gov't has become intolerable

A cover up by any other name is still a cover up. This “policy” that Steele claims she followed materialized the week AFTER the incident, and was NOT the policy that the lab presented to the dentist on the day of the incident and was NOT the policy in the Dental Clinic. Even if this phantom “policy” was in place and it stated that the two involved go to Pender Memorial Hospital as Steele claims for the Rapid HIV test, the hospital told the dentist that day that they do NOT take blood for the health department, because the health department has its own lab… duh! So where did this leave the student and patient? The patient left and the student drove to Wilmington for a blood draw.

A question for this county government that bears acknowledging: If this student happened to be your son or daughter, would you look at Steele’s ineptness in the same manner? This county is very lucky that this student elected not to pursue this matter, because there would probably not be a fund balance in place for us to argue over if they had. Another point: This case was settled in the court of George Brown and not disproven by a court of law. As I said earlier, a cover up by any other name is still a cover up.

What is “regrettable” here is that Steele is allowed to commit these types of criminal acts, again and again. She knows that Brown will cover for her no matter what. Well, that is another story entirely. The truly scary part is that Brown wants to create a director of nursing position for Steele. Thank goodness that the NC Board of Nursing got involved according to WWAY, because they can’t remove their letter from her file.

Why does this county government continue to cover up for this woman? Why do they vehemently deny her wrongdoings even though they are so BLATANTLY apparent?


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