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What a show

all of you posters who think Senator Soles will fall need to take some lessons in real world judicial practices.

With 1 exception, none of those "boys" will be credible witnesses on the witness stand. Any half competent attorney will make mince meat of their feeble attempts to testify against him, if it gets that far. And do you not realize all of those conflicting stories each have told will be used to challenge their credibility on the stand? Then of course there's their criminal backgrounds.

The one credible witness will have to do some soul searching. Will he be willing to expose his family and friends to the sorry details he would reveal on the witness stand? Big question; and at this point no one can likely predict his final decision.

The DA will have to look at all of the data the SBI provides; weigh the liklihood of enough evidence to secure a guilty verdict; and weigh the costs of the legal action which you can be certain will include appeals if the Senator is convicted.

Oh yeah, if you think the trial will take place in Columbus County, get real. No defense attorney will have trouble securing a change of venue.

Don't hold your breath if you think this will be over in the next 30 days. Maybe 5 years; but certainly not in 2011.

But at least you'll have something to ponder and chew over as you stand on the street corners of Tabor City and watch life drive by.


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