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You people amaze me

You complain that the trailer is there. Then you complain because of the timing that they choose to move it. Because both are an inconvenience for you. There are other powers at play besides yourself. Thats the problem with people today is they are all about themselves. Yeh, yeh maybe it did cost you a little extra time on the ride home but at least the trailer is gone. (would you have complained if the bridge had been up, a wreck on the highway, or something else) Maybe there were other circumstances that took place that only made it possible to move the trailer then.

If you read in the article it mentions that an axle was busted which means it is no longer driveable/towable so the person had to pull over and unhook. Otherwise they would still be sitting there with the trailer.

Next, there has been the orange sticker on the trailer for a week now. But what tow company just happens to be driving around a flatbed that is large enough to tow that? Since the axle is broken.


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