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Guess I had a little different perspective. I too was one of those in the rush hour traffic that got to see this trailer being moved. Plenty of time to think! Who dumped it there? That's where the indignation should be directed. Unless I'm mistaken, it's illegal to move a mobile home beyond a specified age (RV's and travel trailers excluded) so this POS should have never been on the road in the first place. Another source to which this indignation could be directed would be the folks that allow the bridges to be opened at peak traffic times! I'm certain that state officials would have preferred that the private individual who was responsible for the POS would move it...but after several days, that wasn't happening. So, the burden fell on the taxpayers to have it moved.

It's gone now and 20 minutes of my life were sacrificed while waiting for this trailer to be moved in order to make our roads safer...because the responsible party didn't care. I have no problem with that. Thank you NCSHP and the folks that made this happen. No matter what time of day it occured.

Guess the old saying is true...some folks would complain, even if you hung them with a brand new rope!


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