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A ship takes a lot more than a dock!

A ship that operates as a hotel will require much more than a dock. You have supply electricity to power everything the ship offers, that is a lot of juice! You have to supply water to the ships ammenites and to all of the rooms, that's a lot of water. Then you have to have a method to get rid of the human waste, with all of the rooms, that's a lot of waste! You have to have special boarding equipment to handle the magnitude of people coming on and off of the vessel, a simple catwalk won't cut it. You have to have methods for the removal of garbage, with all of those people, that's a lot of garbage. These are only the tip of the iceberg! Then to top it off, you have a ship that rests in it's slip forever, never leaving that will require constant maintenance to keep it in even semi-decent shape. Blasting and painting is non-stop and even basic ship systems require constant maintenance. Drop it for a year and you have a rusted hulk of useless metal unfit for a scrapyard that is nothing more than another public eysore with millions invested in it. Bad idea, bad investment and one that will never appreciate. Pull the plug!


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