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VIEW..?!! Nice photo-op Mayor

Funny watching yesterday on the news, Saffo discussing "his" vision of Downtown and the waterfront... A park, quality development, bla bla...
This was within hours of expressing his opinion of the hotel-ship idea and the suggestion of it "blocking" our riverfront view with Voet's ship.

Anyone happen to notice the mural of historic Wilmington behind the Mayor during his comments? Have a look again... he is standing in front of a mural-painting of our historic waterfront and in that painting is ship after ship docked on our waterfront in the Port City!!

Wilmington may have never been anything without ships and the group suggesting a ship as a hotel and attraction is right on in saying that ships are part of our history as a city.
We should welcome innovative ideas that could make our city someplace special and will obviously will bring new visitors ( and their spending $$)to downtown.

Small rooms? Come on...Anyone ever thats been on a ship realizes they are on a ship. They have stages, dining rooms, clubs, deck space, ambiance, charm and romance.
Don't care for that? book a room at Motel 6 on Market St....

I think this opportunity is great, in so many new ways, for this City. Lets not lose it!


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