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Voter ID

Purdue vetos a bill that would stop voters from voting several times, I hope everyone votes her out next election, how many double votes did she get last time? Everyone should already have a ID for everyday business such as bank account, cashing check, using their foodstamp card, getting their free housing, claiming their earned income refund (can't figure out how you get "earned" credit for not working" and being allowed to sit on their butts while other people work to support them. The democrats say it isn't a problem but just the last election in Bladen County, a county commissioner, Delilah Blanks, tried to vote twice, was caught,said she did it, and nothing was done about it, if it had been someone white voting twice for the white man running for office, then the NAACP would have been all over it and something would have been done but when you are the queen commissioner and the "right" color you can do anything and get away with it and she even lied on the man over the elections and almost cost him his job, it's no wonder everyone in this county is retireing, they all want to get away from the BS that goes on here.
Queen Blanks controls all the other commissioners and the voting in the county. How can someonr openly state they tried to vote twice and not go to jail, easy be the queen of Bladen County.
How many of those in East Blank township voted twice last time? To find out just see how many votes were cast and how many government handout checks were cast.


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