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Hey! YOU made it into Print! Ya-Hooo!

WWAY prints the Good, the Bad and the's all news to me!

WWAY, Thank you and keep up the good work!

Guest118, your comment is bewildering! So, Berger is not "required" to be to the monthly GOP meeting on time?!?

But, for the GRACES that the GOP and the nonABLE TEEEEEE PARTY have bestowed upon him, (pushing him to be elected in the first place and remaining silent after all of his goof-ups), you would think he would ARRIVE EARLY, a concept that is foreign to him.

I am interested in the GOP Chair, because I will NEVER donate money Locally anymore.... reread this...

"Amoroso also said she and other GOP leaders are still supporting and praying for Berger."

Praying is good, supporting him is okay too, especially when he is in this kind of trouble, is embroiled in this much turmoil, and is this bi-polar, and obviously off his meds, prayer and support are Noble!

BUT, REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE by ASKING him to step down Amoroso...OMG, WHAT is wrong with you?????!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to know if Amoroso completely lost her mind by NOT calling for Bergers removal from Public Office and THANKS TO WWAY~ I know for sure.
We will be talking about the incompetence of the CHAIR and Co-Chair at our dinner meeting tonight and next week.

No longer ABLE to believe a single endorsement from Rhonda and the goofs at gop, they and able belong in a pod together. WACC-CO!


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