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Oh brother

Guest 2012, I don't know how I can be more clear. THE MEETINGS ARE FOR THE LOCAL GOP precinct chairs, grassroots activists and interested people to attend. Missing a meeting is like missing church one Sunday. You don't HAVE to go. I don't know what's bewildering about this. JASON THOMPSON NEVER COMES TO THE MEETINGS. Never, ever, ever. Rick Catlin comes only once in awhile. No one expected Brian, no one (but the stalking WWAY) was waiting for Brian, he wasn't scheduled to speak and if he hadn't come no one would have minded. The title of this "article" is ridiculous.

MANY people came late and several left early. It's the county party, not the county elected officials meeting. What is so freaking hard for you to understand?

And obviously you have no concept of the law: in the US people are innocent until proven guilty. Period, end of story.

You sound like you won't be satisfied until Brian is hauled off to prison in chains for offending your perception of an elected official. And leave the Tea Party out of it, or do you despise Allen West, Jum DeMint, Michelle Bachmann et al as well?


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