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RC Soles / Jon David

Now we are seeing the extent of the RC Soles corruption and cover up. Note news article in the Star News June 19 exposing RC and the His Boys. BTW reported today that newspapers and news paper dispensers were stolen in Tabor City and Chadbourn that Sunday in an obvious effort to stop the story.
But I digress. We saw the efforts by RC Soles to jury rig the election for DA by trying to split the 13th Judicial District and give Brunswick County portion to the running resident of Brunswick County (Jon David) and the other portion of the district - Columbus and Bladen Counties to Columbus County Resident Butch Pope. This was in a bill HE - RC Soles sponsored and introduced after the primary election and before the General Election.

Was this one of the first steps in the RC Soles corruption cover up? Split the 13th Judicial District to keep Jon David from investigating the RC Soles allegations?

After Jon David won there was the Judge Jolly administrative order to bar traffic court and StreetSafe driver training of those under 21. It has been alleged that Judge Ola Lewis was actively campaigning for Butch Pope in the General Election and that she was working behind the scenes on the Judge Jolly Administrative order.
I wonder if this is a huge effort on the part of Friends of RC Soles to cover up everything that has gone on? I wonder if the Judge Jolly order was part of an effort to bury DA Jon David with paper work in and effort to slow any investigation into RC Soles after his attempt at splitting the 13th Judicial District fell flat? I wonder why the former DA Rex Gore did not come up with anything regarding RC Soles?

I truly hope that the entire sordid mess of RC Soles and his boys and the Friends of RC Soles comes into the light of day and that those wrong doers are punished and that this mess is cleaned up. The sooner the better.


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