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A step increase isn't a pay raise?

What a convenient interpretation!

Hmmmm....let's see....does the amount of your take-home pay rise? Why yes, it does....or did.

Do banks and credit unions consider it when making a loan to people in such structured tiers? Yes, they do.

If you go to Fort Bragg, Camp LeJeune, Cherry Point, Seymour Johnson or Pope Air Force Base, will the service men and women tell you they receive a pay raise every two years? I'll let you answer that.

So basically you haven't received a raise in three years. Welcome to mean ol' reality. I work in corporate America and I haven't received a raise in four years, plus they did away with the annual bonus that constituted an additional ten to twenty percent of my salary.

The money is simply not there. It's not in the public bank account, it's not in the private sector's bank accounts, and it is most assuredly not in the individual taxpayer's bank account. We have been on a drunken spending spree for fifty years and the bills are finally due. We end the insanity now or we join Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Italy on the nightly financial news....only our splash will be much bigger and everyone will get wet.

We can't continue to bankroll the lazy, the ignorant, the scammers, and the general life mis-managers while funding education, highway maintenance and construction, parks, and a million other deserving projects. By the time those kids arrive on your school's doorstep, the money that should be in your paycheck has been blown on Medicaid, reduced or free housing, EBT cards, TANF and a dozen other ways we continue to subsidize (and encourage) failure. Imagine how much they could pay you if we didn't have to feed breakfast and lunch to children who should be getting fed by their parents. Half this country pays no income taxes at all, and half of them are gleefully sucking the system dry.

Now, do you wonder why you folks are losing the debate on educational funding? The rhetoric that is coming from teachers, school administrators, and the union is falling on deaf ears because your message is nothing more than, "Continue the madness. Give us what we want."

You won't say anything about where your money is being diverted.

You'll support reneging on a promised TEMPORARY tax increase, but you won't call for limits on Medicaid. You want those step increases reinstated, but you won't demand time restrictions on Section 8 or public housing. You won't tackle the thorny problem that many people who are on public assistance have more disposable income every month than a teacher who works forty hours a week. As a group, you exist in a vacuum and pretend that all those bottomless wells of red-ink aren't related.

I don't want you underpaid any more than I want to be underpaid. The simple fact, however, is that at both the federal and state level we are wasting billions every year, trying to shield people from the economic reality of the life they have chosen. It affects you directly, me indirectly, and gets solved quickly or there won't be any school to report to every day.


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