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cynic: me

I've sailed to Bermuda before, but did so on an aluminum-hulled vessel 50 feet in length. Sometimes the gods work in odd ways. When I first read of this "adventure" last autumn, my left eyebrow arched skeptically. To me, this is more about self-promotion than having an ocean-going adventure. How many people leave the waters of North Carolina on a yearly basis to sail across the Atlantic to Bermuda or points farther east?; quite a few, I'm sure (and the majority do so without websites, blogs, or an amazing amount of press coverage). I've agreed with other comments that this trip is "no big deal", but it has been made into "a big deal" by the sailor who has undertaken this voyage. Did he take to the sea to "go somewhere/voyage" (to Portugal), or did he go to sea to "make a buck"? I'm not a religious or spiritual person, but any body of water can make one humble very quickly---and level the playing field, too. Perhaps Poseidon was a wee bit taken about by the way in which this sailor cast his course over the water? Mojo is mojo is mojo. I feel bad for this sailor because I think there are other issues figuratively "below the surface" that need addressing more than a ripped sail or a damaged auto-pilot.


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