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Changing Course

Dear Cynic,
You have made some very interesting and yes, some valid observations, 'some valid' and some by my observations 'personal opinions'. You are correct; many people make this crossing and have done so since men pondered what was over the horizon with far less than "aluminum-hulled vessel 50 feet" in length sail boat. This by definition was a 'Documentary' and yes as one of the producers has been promoted for many reasons, one of them so evil as to make a buck. It’s called the 'film industry' my friend. Greg could have set sail on a cruise ship, with calm seas, for ports unknown but he journey was NOT a "Love Boat" spin off and don't be mistaken, this man believed in his mission statement, his search for inner peace and wanted to share his genuine experience with others that might share that same passion and benefit from it, both the good along with the bad. Yes, by some experts, he was reckless, and yes Poseidon certainly put him in his place. However, he did sail a ‘30 foot sail boat to Bermuda’ and arrive safely. An experience even as a producer I would rather live through Greg that to attempt myself. As to “no big deal”, I would say to you it still remains to be seen. Also dear ‘Cynic’, even standing on your “50 foot aluminum-hulled vessel” you have apparently forgotten about what was your original passion for the unknown and one’s desire to persevere. Instead of empathizing you chose critizing… My opinion...


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