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Moronic NAACP

These black racist need to get a grip on reality and quit blaming the white race for all of their problems. They should be educating black women to stop having babies out of wedlock which blacks lead in this area. They should educate young black men about the life of crime aganist each other which they lead in this area. They should educate young black men on getting an education and quit relying on Obama and Democratic handouts for their lively hood. They should remind young black men that RAP is racist and encourages drug use, women abuse and violence againist authority. In other words NAACP you are an organization of want a be's who are to sorry to work for success but instead want it given to you through hand outs, hiring practices(which definitely is discriminatory againist whites). If you spent as much time helping your race to overcome these barriers as you do complaining about whites maybe you can be an a organization for hope instead of despair. Wake up NAACP, you are your own worst enemy.


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