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If anyone in this country should be upset about racism, it should be the white man, the blacks are always crying racism this and that but not a single one of them have ever been owned as a slave in this country nor has a single white man ever owned a black man, but because of the naacp they cry everytime they don't get their way and they get it. This country is going to hell in a handbag very fast because it keeps paying for nothing. Schools have no money, do you know why, because we give all our tax money to lowlifes.
The only way for America to ever get strong again is to do the following,
1 Stop all welfare checks at once, we the workers owe them nothing,let the NAACP feed them if they are black.
2 Stop all free housing, we the workers owe them nothing, sell the housing to the NAACP if they want them for the blacks or bulldoze them.
3. Cut out all food stamps, again we the workers owe them nothing, let the NAACP feed them if they are black. Hunger will make someone work faster than anything.
4. Make every person in jail work cleaning the side of the road and ditches for 5 days a week, 8 hours a day and shoot any that don't or run.
5. Outlaw the following groups as being a threat to the good of the United States and use the military against them:
A. NAACP the group only stands up for blacks and is nothing but a group that uses color for an excuse to cause unrest.
B. KKK same reason as the NAACP just for they are for white (and the government stops them??????)
C. Bloods, Crips and all other gangs (most seem to be black so may have ties to NAACP.
If all these lowlifes, no matter which color, were gone then taxes could be cut and working people could make a good living,
Isn't it bad, all you hard working people of all colors, to go to the food store and have to watch what you get because of money only to see these FAT, lazy no-good lowlife freeloaders buying better food with YOUR tax dollars


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