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A Black Mans View of The NAACP

As a black man, I am tired of the NAACP. They keep the people of color down, instead of encouraging work and freedom. At one time there was a need for such a group, but now the NAACP is building fire by race bating. Most Americans have moved on, after all the white man elected a black man. My fellow black brothers and sisters need to wake up and realize the NAACP and most democrats are doing more harm to us then help. They feed us for our votes, and they want to keep it that way. The white democratic liberals do not want us to succeed, they want us to be dependent upon them, so they keep power. There are more important things going on then to worry about this petty political racist claims.

There is no need for the NAACP, just like whites don't need a group. Any organization should not try to put one race ahead of another. If you believe we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, then there is no need for the NAACP, KKK, Black Panthers, ECT. And yes I mentioned the NAACP with those racist groups. The NAACP is just a trouble maker, and they make us African Americans look stupid! I have never felt as I was not welcome at a tea party, as the left and NAACP would have you to believe they are also racist. A lot of former tea party people voted for Obama.

To my fellow black people, if you want a real President who actually cares about our country, is a true successful business man and happens to be black, look at Herman Cain. I will not vote for Barrack Obama, my vote will go to the republican nominee, whoever that will be, regardless of race or gender. This is the only way for blacks to get ahead.


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