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Downtown Historical Hysterics revisited!

Thanks for thinking that I need advice on the manner in which I blog about an issue of interest and importance to our community, not to mention of LOST revenue for downtown, due to stupidity and cronyism.

I don't give a rats a$$ about political correctness and don't care about your silly caffeine comments all the time to everybody who has passion related to a story that WWAY researches and posts for commentary or mere perusal.

A while back, some stuck-up person blogged that the MULTITUDE OF downtown Historical Society mandates are not for the "FAINT OF WALLET", when defending their (Social Society's) need to push good businesses & ideas away.

At that time, they opened the floodgates to easily OVER-ANALYZE the entire downtown and that included futile attempts to draw a crowd.

Downtown sure does not LOOK GOOD, despite cronyism and snobbery and especially deep pockets and full wallets to keep the storefronts looking like the Roaring Twenties, for goodness sakes!

I like the PPD bldg. though. Is that Historically correct??

So, they can try all they want, but they won't get the majority of the people back, until they get their heads out of the clouds and forget the perfect "HISTORICALLY CORRECT" woods, tiles and junk to create a Utopian downtown.

In fact, can anyone answer how close the Historical Society is in their quest for the perfect materials/ AUTHENTIC Historically correct downtown creating a FUN and SAFE gathering place .... FOR ALL ages, all races, both genders!

As far as this article goes, I am just saying that pigeonholing people by age, to get money into a bar is pretty easy to SEE THROUGH!


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