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Biased reporting from WWAY

No where in the ABC report do they criticize the accuser for filing charges or going public. Your the ones that brought it to the public. Why are you lying WWAY? The ABC report does not even hint at that. The only thing it says is how commentors NOT commentators on your site are ridiculing. Just local people here in the comments section, thats what they referred to. The local goofballs. But if you look at their site, and any other site that is reporting this you will see the rest of the civilized world does not chastize the mom at all, but they applaud her action and back her up for reporting it. The rest of the civilized world sees the one charged as sick if the allegations are true. Also they are in disbelief of why folks here are quick to defend the accused instead of the 13yr old child victim!
Also ABC had the guts to report even further into what you were afraid to, alot more detail such as the investigator obtained the phone for two days before pressing charges. Also she turned herself in, also more detail of how explicit the texts were and pointed to sex and a meet, looking better in a bikini that her students?... etc etc. The amount you reported was biased and not coming forward with the whole story you knew. The ABC report went further and if you had reported these things to begin with the ones commenting here and claiming she is a saint they may have commented alot differently rather than backing this teacher up 100%. There wouldnt be a "roiled" town if you would just report the true facts instead of muddling and covering it all up!


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