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Sounds like you have her tried, convicted and sentenced.

Okay, g's mom, you seem to have all of the facts, all of the evidence and already know the outcome. Would it make you feel better to douse the teacher with a few gallons of gasoline and flick the Bic yourself?

You are making far too many assumptions to justify your accusations and that only signals the extreme limits of a closed and simple mind. Perhaps you are an experienced detective, maybe a seasoned investigator or perhaps you tend to believe that the way CSI works on TV is real. In reality, you sound more like a scorned mom ready to put this teacher away forever based on the emotional heartstring of a little 13 year old Johnny without the estabishment of, or even the consideration of...the facts. You would have bode well in the old days of the witchhunts. The mob mentality was ALWAYS right in those days and some people, such as yourself, seem to maintain it under cloak.

Until the FACTS are on the table, you should be careful to wish such hateful things on a person under fire. You may find yourself in a similar situation at some point in your life. The fall from a high horse can be a very long way to the ground for a person so short on objectivity!

Now...what in the world would you have to say if lil' Johnny himself performed some spoofing so it would look like he was privy to the teach to all of his buddies...and it backfired? "Noooo, not lil' Johnny, he's only 13, he didn't know any better....and on and on and on...." We've all heard THAT before too! What would you cal lil' Johnny then, a pedophilic instigator? I doubt so...

The evidence and the facts will eventually come to the surface for all to see. I may have to eat my words, but I have a gut feeling there are a few surprises in store for those of you that emerged from under a rock to sling your nasty, mean comments.


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