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geez, what a maroon

"SO, she was charged BEFORE they had the records. WWAY NEEDS TO LOOK INTO THIS MORE"

Wow! First your only reading what you want to read and are paying attention to nothing else. You are naive and disillusioned as most people on this board are. But anyhow, looks like you cracked the case, that's all we needed to hear and expose the whole thing as a sham and a setup!! Hurry, run to the police to let them know of the botched job they did on this arrest and they didn't have enough proof... then they will give you a free kiddie car ride back home to mommy.... and maybe let you play with the siren on the way home! Good work young Inspector Gadget! Seriously, with comments like this and others on here you people show your ignorance and I wonder how you find your way out of your driveways. Ignorant people and children seriously need to get off this board. You are embarrassing all of Burgaw with your comments. If you want to help her at all just stop writing and spouting off with your sheer ignorance to the world with knee jerk comments. You people keep showing you are clearly non-sensible and have no logic or reasoning and are not making her look any better.


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