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several keys

There are several key things that need to be looked at. First Mantooth admitted to sending the messages. She was upfront and honest. That doesnt make what she did right. Second the cell phone was taken by local law enforcement so the messages had to have been forwarded to another cell phone or email address. With todays technological advances theses messages that have been made public could have been altered. Under NC law this could cause the text messages to be dismissed as evidence. Third the fact that her husband is a Deputy sheriff makes no difference in this case what so ever. The husband is part of a special investigations division of Pender County Sheriff's department and is away from his family for long periods of time so there is no way he can monitor his wife and her actions at all times. People need to realize that Mantooth has a family and a good one at that. It is not fair to bash her husband two children and other family members for what she may or may not have done. Finally the last time I checked in this country a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury of peers. Quit judging when you do not have ALL the facts. No matter what the out come is her husband will still be risking his life every day to protect yours and her family will still have to live in the community. Let the court system handle this and stay out of peoples problems because tomorrow it could be you in the headlines. Would you want your husband or wife being bashed by people who dont know the facts? NO! On another note if you believe everything the media tell you, then you are not very observant to the real world.


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