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I realize you are talking in

I realize you are talking in a general nature regarding the fact that you are not happy about the way your tax dollars are spent. However, the story you responded to was talking about the fact that the Governor has declared a State of Emergency due to an act of nature, a lightning strike. It has nothing to do with Democrats, Replubicans, spending or not spending. Obviously, and fortunately for you, you were not a victim of the recent wild fires, you did not loose everything you worked all your adult life for. You did not loose the family homeplace in which you were born, the only home you have ever known.

I will pray for your mean spirit and I also hope and pray that you try and think before you spout (or write) hurtful words. I hope you find peace and a spirit of charity in your life. I hope and pray that you never find yourself on the receiving end of someone else's tax dollars or if you have your way, the lack there of.


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