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Thank you.... those respondents who pointed out that the true solution is to become a proficient swimmer and not bet your life upon devices that can fail without warning.

For those easily offended sob-sisters who don't read ALL the stories on this website, you obviously did not realize that that my message was inspired by another poster proposing just yesterday that cigarettes be banned, and a story about our Nanny government outlawing cribs that have served parents' needs for decades.

The loss of individual freedom, eliminating the right to make a choice, and the continued acceptance of an all-powerful, dictatorial government is far more important than any individual's death.

This young man had a RIGHT to make a foolish decision, just as a smoker has a right to stick a butt in his mouth, but there are those who will undoubtedly propose that we should be denied those rights. There are many beaches in this country where rafts and inner tubes have been banned, where everyone is denied the simple pleasure of towing their child or grandchild around on an inflatable ring because of a few careless people.

BTW, trying to place responsibility for this man's death on Carolina Beach is a mindset that goes hand-in-hand with the idea that "It's always someone else's fault."

"If I develop lung cancer, it's the tobacco company's fault."

"If my child is strangled after I assemble the crib incorrectly, it's the crib manufacturer's fault."

"If I get on an inner-tube in the ocean and drown because I can't swim, it's Carolina Beach's fault."

It's the attitude that creates and allows GOVERNMENT GONE WILD.

Until we hold people responsible for their own, individual decisions, we will continue to see America slowly transform from the land of the free to the home of the over-regulated, coddled, and excessively protected.


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