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Thank you

Thank you for raising the real questions that should be investigated in this boy's tragic death. Someone very close to me is a very experienced guard at CB and was one of the 25 that were sent home early in the afternoon by the assistant of Alicia (who is running the CBOR for her first year with zero experience). Of the 5 guards left all of them are first year guards. CBOR for the first time ever is putting first years on ATVS and putting 4th and 5th year guards on stands. A seasoned guard would have known exactly what to look for in this incident but in this case no one was even watching because no guards were there. What is even more unfortunate is that the head of CBOR has made no apologies for poor leadership and has stated after this incident that she would have made the same call to send 25 guards home and will make the same call in the future if weather is bad. I guess some people just have too much pride to admit when they are wrong or they are just really afraid of a lawsuit. Either way they have no moral compass. Yes tragedies can happen no matter what the circumstances are but it is CBOR's duty to have a fully staffed beach especially on the weekends to make those tragedies far less likely. To suggest that having a fully staffed beach would have made not difference is insane logic. It doesn't seem likely that things will change at CB but I pray to God that they do before someone else looses their life.


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