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Yea its another one ok. It's like putting your seatbelt on in a car, wearing a helment on a motorcycle, your kids wearing a helmet when they ride a bike, wearing a hard hat , safety glasses, steel toe shoes on the job when "needed" or "required" you know it's not about what I believe, it's about having common sense enough to know better not to endanger yourself or anyone else and even costing you your own life or serious injury. It's not about choice it's about keeping you safe. Some people are just ignorant and too stuck on "My Right To" crap. There are rules to everything to keep even the stubourn people from doing stupid stuff and people just need to get over it. Moral of the story is HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE!!! Everybody has rights and everyone needs to exercise those rights. But don't go out and try to prove you can exercise your rights by going against some pretty common sense rules that could cost you your life or serious injury. Don't be stupid.


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