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Great defense

You argue that the government should be able to demand you wear a PFD at all times, then go on to defend that insane POV by saying that it requires the individual to use common sense.

Guess what? The vast majority DO use common sense. I know when I need to put on a PFD.

What you and the overly protective Nanny government fail to realize is that people are going to die anyway. People NEED to die to insure our survival as a species (and the solvency of Social Security, if you want to keep it simple.)

Demand that they wear PFDs all the time and what happens the first time someone jumps from a flying bridge wearing a PFD and breaks their neck? Suddenly, we have a massive government ordered redesign of PFDs? We have a special office in the Consumer Product Safety Commission to cover floatation devices? We'll spend another five million a year to remind you to wipe your nose?

Where do we draw the line? Hey, how about forcing all residents of a city with a crime rate over x% to wear body armor? Let's set a universal speed limit of 35 MPH. Fatalities are almost unheard of at that speed. Let's save EVERYBODY and eliminate the NEED for them to use common sense as they go about their everyday life!

Let people manage their own lives. Employers have a right to demand personal protective gear. The government needs to remember that the governmnet that governs best, governs LEAST. As long as it only poses a risk to YOU, it's none of the government's business.

"Those who are willing to trade freedom for safety deserve neither freedom nor safety." - Franklin


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