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Well put...

I totally agree with your comments. I was talking to my daughter the other day about the new crib "law". It's really getting to the ridiculous point these days. I happen to be one of the 'amazing people' who actually survived life before seat belts, car seats, helmets, and with a drop-side crib. I realize something are good for safety, but others just get carried away as the writer stated because a few use bad judgement or can't follow instructions. Someone places a baby seat on a counter, their child falls and gets hurt then they blame the seat maker, when the parent is the 'genius' that put their child in that situation in the first place.
It's terrible the guy on the inner tube drown, but if he couldn't swim, he knew the risk he was taking when he got out there to start with. No body's fault but his. My hubby doesn't know how to swim either, and he would never go out in the water like that.


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