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Not necessarily doomed

I hate to drop an information bomb on your soap box, but there is no such thing as being "doomed to failure from birth." If that was the case, I theoretically was doomed. I was born to two parents that didn't have degrees, raised in housing projects (ever heard of those?), and I am a black female. Statistics would have you believe that I would have a child before the age of 21, be on welfare, most likely not have a high school diploma, and peak at my life with an expected salary of $11,259/year. Had the people in my life such as family and teachers held your belief that we are "doomed from birth" I would not now be the Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery at the largest hospital in a major city and also hold a Juris Doctorate, as I am a practicing attorney for medical malpractice litigation. I think that the only thing that dooms someone from birth is repeated encounters with someone like you throughout every stage of their life when they actually just need encouragement instead of feeling that their life is a waste of space. Pigmentation does not determine one's elevation in life, and if you believe that than I'm sorry that you're walking through life with blinders on...


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