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Grandsons a sociopath

I too know Jesse Pace. He is my son-inlaw married to my only daughter. They had a son together in March of 2010. I have had my fair share of drug addiction in my own life, luckly I lived long enough to find recovery! I'm sorry, but I don't care how much drugs I have done, or how intoxicated I have gotten, I have never thought of killing someone, especialy one of my parents. I think he is a complete sociopath. When I spoke to him right before he was arested he asked me what the cops wanted to speak to him about. I said, "they believe you may have murdered your Grandmother" in wich he never denied. But, I really knew he had something to do with it when he showed no emotion over his "Granny's" death. See, if he were inocent he would have been freaking out want to find out who killed his Granny and he would be on a war path for vengence. he is a very dangerous man in whom I am afraid of as should you, Pray that he never gets out of prison.


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