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Officer Misconduct

I hope this attorney sues the NC Highway Patrol out of existance. I have always said in lieu of budget problems the patrol should be disbanded and the Sheriff's Office be given State Money to add traffic officers to do the same work the Patrol continually abuses. This is at least the 4th incident with them just this year. As a ex police officer retired many Officers had no respect for the Highway Bunglers. They only enforce traffic laws and investigate accidents. If you get robbed, your house broke into, anything other than traffic you call Police not the Highway Bunglers. Local Police and Deputies provide much more security and are more sensitive to real crime problems.I have seen on more than one occassion troopers who overstep their authority, intentionally cause distress to citizens they are sworn to protect. I tell you the Highway Patrol is not a friend to citizens. They have a unwritten creed that we are the enemy and love to brag about their arrest and ticketing of citizens to each other. They violate the traffic laws they love to enforce as much as any of us. Also, the trooper who stopped the attorney needs to be fired with the arresting Officer. What reason did he have to stop the attorney other than harass him because the other trooper was upset. This type behavoir I guarantee is not tolerated by the WPD or the Sheriff's Office. Also, why do troopers always hang around the beach. Their title is highway so they belong on the highway and not Lumina Avenue. I have no respect for them, never had, never will.


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