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Is this for real???

Are you kidding me with this letter. This is just another man who thinks he has power and will use it to destroy a persons career.
Why would you mention the make of your car and former titles you held. Was this a resume or a complaint letter. Who cares what you drive and what you do. If any discipline is giving to this Trooper it will once again show that power rules and our North Carolina Political system remains corrupt. This could of all been avoided if the lady would of taken the test from the start. Her husband who claims to be a powerful lawyer should of known this.
I guess he thinks he is way above the law.
No one should comment until the WHOLE truth is out. We are going on the word of Mr. Bigshot Lawyer trying to push his so called political power around.
Y'all talk a good game about how bad the Police are until one of your family members are killed by a drunk driver and then your tune changes.


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