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I hope this trooper is

I hope this trooper is immediately dismissed from the department. He obviously is on a power trip and thinks he is above the law.

I have worked in the legal field for many years with a lot of courtroom experience. I have seen, on numerous occassions, police officers with tremendous attidudes. For example, I saw a City of Wilmington police officer get on the stand and lie. The reason I know he lied is because I happed to be a witness to the alledged charges. I happened to be a bystander when an officer arrested someone for being impaired when they were completley sober. This officer illustrated similar behavior as trooper Wyrick. On the stand this officer said the defendant was stumbling to his car before he was pulled. That was not true.

Of course, in the end, these charges were compeletly dropped but only after this person was put through a humiliating and degrading experience. The trooper was very agressive and unprofessonal.

I only hope that these corrupt officers can get weeded out so the honest law abiding officers can effectively do their job and the citizens can trust them.


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