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Another rich pompas attorney who thinks his stuff doesn't stink, and is using his social status (or what he thinks is his social status) to play polotics and get his ichy richy wife off.. I am more concerned this was thrown out because of politics. It sounds like he was interferring with an investigation.
Had any of us lowly under privlidged people had this happen, we would have spent the next few hours in a cell...
Well Mr. attorney... welcome to the real flippin world... This isn't a trooper thing, this isn't a wpd thing... This sort of thing happens all the time. The trooper had every right to take her in for a bal test after she refused a field sobriety test. Was the trooper on a power trip? Probably so... Is the attorney just as guilty as trying to use social status to play politics? Absolutely...
I wonder if Mr lawyer has ever gone to this length for any of his clients to prove their innocence... I would be willing to bet not... SOunds like they are BOTH on a sick ego power trip...


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