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Is that impairment does not necessarily mean ALCOHOL. Impairment can come from many different elements and items. Clearly, you can read from the letter from the attorney that he is stating his opinion and doing a good deal of paraphrasing. I believe that he feels if he sends this letter to enough people that someone will just act in jest. Untrue, North Carolina Highway Patrol is a fine organization, however, there can always be officers who exercise lack of judgement and unprofessionalism.

As stated above this is ONE SIDE OF THE STORY. A very biased one side of the story. Need we mention the overal persona of Attorneys? Who do you call when you get in trouble?

Lets see what the facts of the story present. I can tell by reading this letter that there were several events in the course of the "story" that were exxagerated for the persuasion of the reader. An attorney never cares if someone is guilty or innocent...he just needs to disprove the prosecutions case.


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