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"Poor Trooper" "Go home out of towner" & other nonsense

Sorry, you're the one without a clue about the "law system." Your statement that:

"If you practice your right to refuse the road side test (whether you're impaired or completely sober)as soon as you refuse, guess what, you're going to jail. End of story"

is flat wrong. You don't go to jail unless there is probable cause, unless some jerk like Wyrick goes off on his power trip.

As for Mr. Tessener going back to Raleigh, please work on your reading comprehension. One key point of the letter was that there was a convention in town bringing MUCH-NEEDED tourist dollars to our local economy. The lawyer mentioned his position on the Board of Governors because in that position he was one of the people who brought this convention to Wilmington.

Your telling him to "go back to Raleigh" is essentially saying "take your much-needed money out of local economy", which thousands of unemployed and underemployed folks here would strongly disagree with.

For those of you supporting Wyrick, did you miss the part about Tessener mysteriously getting pulled while following his wife from Wrighstville Beach to the jail ? Do you think it is okay for a trooper to set up someone as "punishment" for his wife NOT being drunk and thereby embarrassing the trooper.

And how do you feel about the trooper taking this woman to jail in Castle Hayne in CUFFS after she blew 0.00 TWICE ? He "showed her" didn't he !

For those who point out that we should remember that we may need Wyrick if there's a terrible accident or a drunk driver, that IS a valid point, but he took himself off the roads for 3 hours to "deal with" a 50 year old lady who had not been drinking and was not even speeding. So why would he do that ? Why would he comment about her "fancy car", which was a 5 year old mid-level Lexus ? Here's your answer- Wyrick has a serious attitude problem, and he was abusing his power.

The NC Highway Patrol had a great reputation for decades, but lately there's been a lot of bad press. That is sad, but the bad apples should be weeded out. We pay their salaries, and they are supposed to "protect and to serve", not "show off and set up."


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