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Did you miss the part about

Did you miss the part about the other trooper letting Tessner go??? You are just a person who hates cops and troopers, you must have a record for running into the law. Do us all a favor, and by us all I mean the people who abide by the law, and shut up. You have no clue about anything to do with this case. You only know what the media is telling you. Didn't your parents ever tell you not to believe everything you hear on tv??? I guess not. Trooper Wyrick was only doing his job, and getting drunks off the road. Do you know how many people in this town drive drunk and kill the people they hit??? If you do not then you are not listening to the right news. Don't bash somebody because you want to, when you do not know the facts. Get your facts straight then maybe we will let you complain.
I say good job Wyrick, good job.


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