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Prescription drugs ? She "looks like" she was rude ??

The trooper wrote "moderate smell of alcohol" and made no mention of any problems driving or communicating. You can be sure he would've included "prescription drugs" in his report if he had suspected that, especially after the two 0.00's.

As for her "looking like she had an attitude" or being rude, where is any reference in the report to her being non-cooperative, rude or combative. The answer is "NOWHERE." How you can infer a personality from that picture is mind-boggling.

And for the guy who finds it odd she had NOT been drinking, maybe she chose not to drink since she had to drive. Is THAT suspicious or is it commendable ? The Breathalyser doesn't lie twice does it.

Wyrick went with the "moderate smell of alcohol" in a person who hadn't been drinking--- OOOPS !

Some of you seem to be looking for an excuse to defend the trooper and are doing so by making stuff up. Maybe that's because it "sounds too bad to be true," but such stuff happens frequently but usually not to people who aren't able to do anything about it. If it happened to you or a loved one of yours, you'd change your tunes.

The thing that I cannot get over is the trooper telling the husband to follow him "downtown" and then seemingly having him pulled. If that is not what happened, why was the husband let go without so much as a warning ticket. If that is in fact what happened, Wyrick should not be wearing a badge and should be canned.

I suspect that Trooper #2 decided he didn't want to be part of the nonsense once he realized what was really happening, and good for him !

Let's see what the investigation reveals.


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