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I have day to day experience working with LEOs and I can tell you for a fact, that they thinkthey are above the law and never make a mistake! I am more than confident that this Trooper did exactly what he is accused of because he saw a pretty women and found out she was married and knew her rights! If I was wearing a dress and high heels I certainly wouldn't pass any type of balance test on a gravel parking lot---she would have looked guilty and had no witnesses to assist her!

As for the lawyer writing the letters, I am not a fan of lawyers by no means...taking only jobs they want and letting the poor souls who have been wronged hanging in the wind..but he was right! Why let a LEO get away with this type of harassment..most would only because he is a Trooper and they are afraid of retaliation. Well KUDOS to the lawyer for doing something to help the oridinary people!

LEOs need to know they are not GOD and not about the LAW.


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