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Actually there are lots of

Actually there are lots of gravel/dirt/sandy roads around Wilmington. If you lived there you'd know that. Wyrick showed his true colors......... otherwise thgis would nnot have happened in the firsst place.

One has the right to feel safe in following the requests of the officer. That means driving to a public place - not on the side of a road. Same holds true for sobriety tests as long as its not an extended period of time. That is a far cry from refusing a test.

If I knew for a fact that my light was not out I'd immediately be on guard and would be suspicious and distrustful especially as a woman and even more so dressed as she was.

It is inexcusable for any officer to have the attitude Wyrick did when pulling someone over much less a woman alone!!!

If he can't be sensitive to that fact if no other then his butt needs to be on administrative duty for the foreseeable future. I bet he'd behave a lot differently if he was being video taped which needs to happen without debate!!

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing his butt in the unemployment line. Inexcusable behavior.


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