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Do you people really believe this?

If the husband was pulled over, he was doing something to get pulled over for. Of course the letter doesn't mention it! Duh! The letter was written by the lawyer and none of the media is listening to anyone but that pompous ass!!
I assume that once the second trooper heard the man's story, he let him go out of kindness. What a jerk that second trooper must have been. Could we all just wait for the investigation to be done?
I am sure that Trooper Wyrick is not allowed to defend himself in the public media. What a shame that we, as a community, immediately bash the Trooper who has taken many drunks off of our streets. Has anyone checked Trooper Wyricks record? No, because I am sure that you would find that Trooper Wyrick has an exemplary record. But hey, why not just accuse him of wrongdoing? If you read the letter, you would note that Trooper Wyrick also offered to give her a breathylizer test in his car. She REFUSED! Hello, am I the only person who read this? I've met this Trooper and he is not big enough to be in any way threatening. And he was just doing his Job!!!
Why is it okay to sensationalize this 'lawyer's' accusations? Maybe he is treated differently in Raleigh, but here in New Hanover County we treat everyone the same. By Law.
Did you read the part about the Magistrate 'yeeling' at this woman? Come on, not just Trooper Wyrick was abusive, but also a Magistrate? Does this really 'sound' like the truth? Really?
I sure hope this lawyer does not cause this Trooper to lose his job. That would be the real'crime' here.


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