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Thank You Ziggy!

Thank you for being an intelligent vioce in so much nonsense.

I suspect a good percentage of the pro Wyrick comments by well be his buddies on the force.

Wyrick's accomplice in this matter should also get some scrutiny in this matter. He had to be aware of the situation at least that this was not a rouutine act on his part.

For those of you upset with the attorney, you should keep in mind, it would take someone who is an officer of the court to be given any credibility compared to us everyday folk. Pretty much way abuse of power happens... we have little chance of being heard much less believed by the 'system' if for no other reason than the many backs being protected and backed. Think about it.

As Ziggy pointed out, this man, this couple, contribute more too their communities than most of you ever think about doing. It also wouuld be a pretty safe bet, this couple are property owners in New Hanover County as well as Raleigh so you can tell them to go home all you want. Don't be surprised if you see them in your markets and stores ......... supporting your community.

I'm just an everyday kinda gal but Wyrick probably would have gotten 'attitude' from me if I knew the pull was bogus. I would have demanded to get a supervisor on scene and to make sure the event was being recorded if at all possible beeffore agreeing to anything .... which would have been my right in America!!


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