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wrong again

"The law is clear: If you refuse a sobriety test, you go to jail. " Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. She voluntarily took the sobriety test, just not the one where Wyrick could lie about the results and lucky for her she didn't 'trust him" after he pulled her for no good reason. What was the probable cause to arrest and cuff Ms. Tessener - "moderate smell of alcohol." That was his pretext, his excuse, his LIE, but it blew up in his face with two 0.00's. Then he had egg on his face and couldn't deal with it with integrity. He just had to "show them."

Just because you know and like Wyrick doesn't mean that he did not abuse his power or that he is above the law. Setting up the husband, if proven, will lead to a new career for your friend.-- a career where he won't be able to stand behind his badge and gun to treat folks like crap.

P.S. As for gravel roads, there are no gravel roads in WB, but there is a gravel parking lot where she was pulled over.


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