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Here's a good question..

I wonder who Mr. Tessener is going to write an 8 page complaint to when he becomes publicly humiliated and embarrassed when the Highway Patrol proves that, Mr. Tessener, is indeed, a liar. Who are you going to go cry to then? Are you going to write another letter to all the officials saying that you have been made a mockery of and you feel as though you have been attacked by the ENTIRE Highway Patrol? Are you going to tell them that you felt threatened and frightened for your life? And you felt as though everyone was slandering your name? All of which was brought to the "people of power's" attention by you, Mr. Tessener, you of which have lied and lied over and over again. You should have thought about the consequences of what you were doing before you even began coming up with this bogus story. I can't wait for Highway Patrol to laugh in your face. And it will happen. Just wait. At this point, a simple apology will not suffice for your wrongdoing. Too bad you didn't have the common sense to think the situation out entirely before trying to make huge, inaccurate accusations. Did you not think that IA would investigate? Do you honestly believe that they don't already have copies of visuals and audio from the police department? Get real. You're just a power hungry lawyer trying to cover up his own ignorance. Find a new profession.


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