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Okay, let me start by saying I know Wyrick and have never seen him yell at anyone. But of course, this poor little attorneys wife felt threatened! Sounds like if anyone got set up here it was the Trooper. I guarantee her husband has told her numerous times that if shes pulled after drinking not to do anything, GOOD FOR HIM...BUT look where that got her. Maybe she's just getting the publicity she wanted and her few minutes of fame. And then she and her husband talk about her being handcuffed! When have you ever seen someone go into a police car with them? It's policy everywhere that I know of that if you arrest someone they go in handcuffs. Oh and the law was followed by him being allowed to view the test, but when thats over its time to leave the holding area. Sounds like someone thought they could do what they wanted and didn't want to leave. Well...when a officer tells you that you gotta leave, guess what, you gotta go.

Also, I want the investigators to talk to people at the event and I bet they find she had consumed some amount of alcohol. Oh, and everyone that keeps saying she blew .00, you can consume alcohol and blow .00. Alcohol does leave your body over time and if she was drinking earlier shes going to have the odor even if she blows .00. Also, she said she felt unsteady on her feet due to her attire...Wouldn't that make someone think she was impaired if shes staggering around in heels? All she had to do is blow into the alcosensor road side and this would have never happened. She wouldn't even have had to take a sobriety test. And to the Einstein husband/attorney that wants to know why she had to blow twice if the first was a .00, thats what the state requires! WOW look what i just learned. Maybe you should stick to your injury laws and not traffic. Thats why you sit behind a desk taking peoples money and then go home at 5 while LEO are out there in the streets risking their lives so that you sleep safe at night. Get a life!!!


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