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Tom, if you've read any of the Dodd-Fwank....

...Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, you will find that they never really got to the heart of that delicate (for Democrats) issue.

What they did do is create a whole new library-load of regulations and restrictions on banks, thus encouraging their "creative" people to dream up new ways to produce revenue. One of the most common ones already taking off is convincing individual credit card holders to "move up" to a commercial credit card instead of an individual credit card.

Why in the world would an aging grandmother need a commercial credit card?

Because commercial credit cards aren't regulated under the Dodd-Fwank Act!

Every time the government sets out to "fix things," thousands of people immediately set out to find ways around it. They usually succeed.....because they're a LOT smarter than people like Dodd or Fwank


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