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Now they will be coming out of the woodwork!!!!!!!!! Everyone that sees the potential for $ will come forward. These 5 men that you say are coming forward - why are they coming to you instead of the authorities? Not saying it didn't happen - but why not report him? Oh let's see - he was giving them money to shut up and now the source is drying up so they are going to start reporting him!!!!! From what I have seen, many of the families knew it and didn't come out and report it why. MONEY speaks!!!!!!!!!!!

If he is guilty, his butt needs to be in jail.There has been too much going on with him over the past years that bears a thorough investigation by those who are not in his "back pocket" so to speak. Someone is protecting him that is evident. The state needs to investigate - but that probably won't happen. They don't call it the "Good Ole boys network" for nothing!

Before they media gives these goofballs any air time, they better be sure what they are reporting. They call that responsible journalism - understand!!!!!!!!!!


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