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Provacy Laws

The manager had every right to threaten employees with the loss of job.

It would be illegal and unethical for employees to a) talk about a status (employee matter) with anyone
b) under multiple privacy acts it would be illegal to disclose any healthcare information about an employee...

The only thing anyone has done by trying to press this issue is open up a can of worms for a potential employee rights lawsuit.

By disclosing the fact that it was a foreign exchange student, that pretty much limits it down to exactly who it was, thus you could have gone ahead and given out the name.. Same difference..

On the flip side... It sounds like some eomployees felt it necessary to warn the public about TB (uhmmm not so much) in their food...

This underlines the desperate need for those mcdonalds employees who dropped out of school to go back and complete their education.. As the news and NHC health dept said... TB aint (cough cough) done is contageniounes.


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