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Ok so Tb cannot be transmitted through food but the bacteria can survive in the air for two hours. Which if you ask me is worse. All that employee had to do was breathe on someone and they can breathe it in and then they breathe on someone and they can get it. So I would say that I would be concerned if I worked there and if I knew someone that worked there not the customers.
As for the Manager, he did not handle this properly threatening is not professional. I am sure there is better protocal for these things then threathening teenagers. If they did not want the employees to talk then they should have just put the story out there. Regardless of whether or not there was a public health scare or not MCD's should have reported it as good faith to the community. If they are willing to go this far for what everyone is saying is harmless then what else are they willing to cover up to save face. I am happy that someone reported this to the news. Someone out there is doing the job for MCD's and the public health dept. If there was nothing to hide then why threaten and try to cover up the story.


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