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out of control

Couple of things to add/reiterate:

WWAY needs to get it together. I get its your job to present news in a way that will get you ratings but you're impacting the lives and careers of so many people when you don't tell the entire story. Not just with this story but with others, including myself as a stakeholder, you all twist the story and write things in a way that tends to make innocent people look bad. Just be impartial. Geez.

Second... this 'attorney' is out of control. Apparently the SHP in New Hanover County is much more serious about potential violations involving alcohol and vehicles than what he's used to. Does this attorney realize that so many DWI charges occur as a result of pulling people over for minor violations? I myself just got pulled over for a license plate frame and this same thing happened to me. Only I wasn't silly enough to refuse the PBT or the field test. I passed both and was let go with a warning.

Bottom line, this attorney and his wife are out of control... all because Wyrick was doing his job. Man up and get over it... or just stay away from southeast NC because what kind of car you drive, who you are, and what names you throw around don't make a difference.


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